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Play Darts on one of our 4 Dart Boards, 3 boards have quality Electronic and Dry Wipe Marking Boards and one board is dedicated to Match Play.

Swinton Leisure has 2 Darts Teams in the Swinton 501 Darts League and would be happy to accommodate new teams or players to our darts venue, particularly a ladies team.

Swinton Leisure will pay your team registration to welcome your team to our venue, making league entry as easy as possible.  Player registration and monthly subs will be the responsibility of the players and team.

Or enter on of our many 30 Board Darts competitions we run throughout the year, professionally run in collaboration with Lancashire Darts Organisation.


As well as locally run Grandslams, which are popular due to their group stage format, charity events and the annual Ian Royle & Glenn Jones Memorial Darts Trophys.

Dart Board
Darts Play 2
10th Ian Royle 2021.jpg
Glennbo Trophy 2019.jpg



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