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Snooker & Pool

Swinton Poolhall, with its family ties to John Spencer, 3 times World Snooker Champion has long been established as a quality snooker venue, boasting 9 tables, including 2 match tables with ‘steel block’ cushions, nothing is over-looked to maintain the quality expected by expert players of the game.

We also have 12 Supreme Winner Pool Tables and are the home venue of EBPF Greater Manchester County Pool Team

As well as the quality on offer, we also manage to maintain a price that is certainly affordable.

With hourly rates from less than £5 and fantastic deals, such as our More you Play the Less you Pay offers Starting at only £12 for 4 hours table time, which works out at only £3 per hour (between 10.00am and 4.00pm daily). Other offers available click here

We also hold regular pool tournaments throughout the year, as well as a number of different individual and team leagues in both the Radcliffe and District Pool  League and The Eccles and District Backball Pool Leagues.

All of our tournaments have different entry prices and a range of abilities taking part, so they're open to all to try their hand at league or tournament snooker or pool

We are also the home of the Northwest Junior Snooker Academy.

Play snooker in the Poolhall
North West Junior Snooker Academy
Remembering the snooker ball set up
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